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Agnibodhi: A Neurocognitive Development Program, helps transform the awareness and intellect of the child and overall wellbeing of the family.

It is designed and developed by Siddha Guru Atmananda ji, (earlier Guruji was a practicing medical doctor). Guruji has dedicated his entire life as a Siddha after self relaization to further human consciousness and help people experience their life to the fullest.

With years of practice of Srividya Sadhana, and the neurocognitive techniques taught by Guruji, Many have experienced the phenomenal improvements in various other programs.

With request by few parents, Agnibodhi is especially designed and launched, with one-of-its-kind neurocognitive meditations that help especially with developmental delays.

In this video, Guruji explains the etymology of the word Agnibodhi and its significance.

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